Future Plans

Focus on Education Software, Content & IT Training


At TSW, we have a strong and talented software development team that is designing web sites, creating content and applications to service the growing Internet & Software market in India. We are investing in creating operational modules, content, frameworks and processes to cater to the growing segment of education service providers in India.

The Government of India is expected to spend Rs. 1200 crore through programmes like SarvaShiksha Abhiyan, ICT, in schools, to promote innovation in education. This would mean a greater use of computers and computer aided education. Of the 11 lakh schools in India, 8.5 lakhs or roughly 75% are funded by central, state or local governments. Out of these, only 20000 or less than .2% have any sort of IT infrastructure or computer education. Even overall, less than 5% schools in India have access to computers at present. With a rise in global demand for educated, technically literate workforce, we see a continuous growth in the education sector.

T Spiritual World wants to focus more on IT training opportunities in the rural sector by providing small courses to students and aspiring individuals and raising their IT literacy level.

Expand Range of Software Services

T Spiritual World also wants to expand its range of offerings. The Company has selected the following as the key growth areas besides the education sector, and will invest to build competencies in these categories of services.

a Smart Cards Solutions (Applications & Readers/Writers)
a Biometric Solutions (Applications & Readers )
a Bar Code Solution (Applications & Hardware)
a RFID & Contact Less Solutions (Applications & Readers/Writers)
a GPRS and Mobile technology

Set up more Wellness Centers around NCR

Having started our first Centre at Mahipalpur (New Delhi), we plan to start several such integrated wellness centers in the different cities in the NCR (National Capital Region) and then go on to a national level expansion.

Create New Wellness Products & Services

• Wonder Corporate Wellness Kit – including a variety of products from various alternate therapies combined to relieve stress and other common ailments
• Wonder Office Yoga Books– a study of common corporate ailments, wellness and guide to simple exercises that can be practiced conveniently anywhere, anytime.
• Wonder Office Yoga video CD – an interactive guide to exercises that can be done in the office
• 3 month Diploma in Yogic Sciences
• Focus marketing efforts towards corporate customers
• Organize camps in residential areas for promotion and brand building